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Angel Snootz Snowflake was the fasted cat you ever saw. If you left a drink on the table for more then one half a second you can be guaranteed in would be on the floor!!!

Angel Snootz Snowflake was with me for twelve years, before her sudden and untimely death on February 21, 2008, succumbing to heart disease, specifically hypertrophiccardiomyopathy, detected early in her young life at between 5-6 months of age.

Her coat was all white and she had odd-colored eyes, one blue, one yellow-green. She also had total deafness in both ears. I had to utilize signing with my hands to relate to her, although everyone that met her swore that she could hear because when I called her name, she would turn around and look right at me. It was the sound of my voice reverberating through the airwaves but she really fooled people!

I rescued her at the tender age of only six hours old! She came from a cat hoarder’s house, of over 150 cats! I still have the original article clippings from the newspapers of this story where this woman was feeding them! Angel was the last one left that needed a home, so with a lot of persuasion from my friendly former Animal Control Officer of Windsor because my 17 year old, Mr. Wiggs, was in the fight for his life, loosing out to chronic kidney disease, the following year, as well as my Scooter-Pie, loosing him to a heart attack.

I was in deep depression, and also engaged in severe ill-reputed behavior, with my current boyfriend. It took a few months, but I finally got myself out of the depression, and put all my time, money, and energy into Angel so she could survive; grow up normally as could be. After I found out that she had heart disease, I had to medicate her on heart medicine diurnal, and did so for the twelve years of her life! It’s terrible, perhaps, to say, however I actually miss pilling her! She was so easy to do! Well, she had a wonderful life, and she gave so very much to me, and others that were around her. She had personality-plus to everyone that encountered her, and they all loved her! She was certainly an inspiration in my life!

I have been rescuing and caring for and adopting out cats and kittens for almost thirty years now. I totally believe that the good Lord put me on this earth to do so. I have had many mishaps that would have ended my life, if not for the Lord, and I still believe that I’m doing the right work, including all my life being an advocate for animal’s rights and welfare, especially at the legislative level.

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