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Sammi the Bull - the miracle cat.He is the cat with more then 9 Lives.


Sammi ‘The Bull’s Story

Sammi ‘The Bull’ was rescued from behind a bar, eating popcorn and beef jerky, abandoned, greasy coat, smelly, and little did I know that he was already suffering from several ailments, especially, unbeknownst to me at the time, suffering from a broken pelvis, probably hit by a car, and the “accident” was pretty recent. I didn’t find this out until he had just stopped eating and defecating, and after bringing him to the Vet’s where I was informed that he was suffering from a herniated esophoghaus, where all his organs had stopped working and had perforated his esophoghaus, obviously due to the broken pelvis. The problem was moola. However, this wonderful lady I was helping out at her animal rescue, thankfully saw my maternal instincts and asked only one question, and that was if she paid to have this surgery done, will I give him a permanent home, which was all too easy for me to say yes, because I had already fallen in love with him, and I was suppose to only foster him! Another failed foster attempt! I kept him! He has now been with me for about ten years, and other than every now and then he gets “plugged” up; he has megacolon, Mommy, (I) have to give him a series of enemas – which he has gotten used to, (somewhat, thankfully) to soften his stool so he can produce it. It’s a very exhausting process for both of us. But he pulls through every time, stronger, I swear, than before! He runs around the house like he just turned back time and he’s a spry kitt again! He literally bounces off the walls, and the tops of every thing in every room comes flying down! He just is so happy! But this all entails a strict medicine regiment every single day, five hours apart x three, and another, am and pm. But trust me, it’s so worth it! I’ve spent numerous dollars, (never even mind) on this cat on specialists and other Vets’ just to hear this one guy say that the medicine he’s been on for three years hasn’t been working! WELL, that’s NEWS to me, since it’s one of the main reason he’s still alive – happily I might add! What burns me is that I had to pay for this ridiculous information! However, this cat is unbelievable, and one absolutely grateful for being rescued, he thinks (he just might have more) that a cat should at least have double the ‘nine lives’! I just can’t believe every medical hurdle that he’s been through and nest of pickles he’s gotten into (and almost with me!) and lived to meow about it! And hopefully, he still has years left to drive me crazy!

Today is a April 26th a Monday 2010 It is a sad day in our household, Sammy is going to pass on to rainbow bridge today. We have done every thing humanly possible to extend his wonderful life with us.

He ate his favorite food of crunchies while still in pain.

He will be buried with sassy our dog and angel the cat who started in all. You are never prepared for the parting of a loved one.

Well Sammi would be pleased today! November 11th Veterans Day and we have another addition to the Rescue. The spitting image of Sammi yet no one could ever take his place. His name is Diamond. His quirk is that he comes up and gives you a big kiss on your face when your not expecting it. A Lover at heart!

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